Wednesday, August 24, 2016


You start typing and you erase it. You do the same thing again.....

And again.

And again. 

Because, sometimes, words aren't enough. 

I can't even begin to write out all of the things that are hurricaning through my brain. I am  fighting with everything in me to not be taken over by thoughts of every kind. I am choosing to take as many thoughts captive as I can and thanking God for the grace He gives me when I let one or two (or ten) slip by.

This time tomorrow we will be in our new home..

(We are all currently feeling all of the feelings. )

I'm choosing to focus on PRAISE.

Thank you, God, for...

Getting us here.
Giving us this opportunity.
Using us.
Loving us.
Dying for us.
Choosing us. 
Giving us abundant life.
Calling us.
Equipping us each day to do your will.
Guiding us.
Trusting us in spite of us.
Speaking to us.
Giving us grace in this beautiful chaos.

Jesus. Thank you for Jesus. 

So, onward we go into the unknown. Trusting in THE ONE who said "WHO will go?"

Send us, Lord. Send US.