Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I pray that you live to your FULL potential. That you would GO where you feel led. That you would SHINE BRIGHT in a dark and hurting world. I pray that you would EMBRACE your calling and that you would give your FULL HEART to everything you do. My hope is that you would LEAD others to SHINE and that you would be a BLESSING beyond anything you could IMAGINE. I pray that you would CARE more about PEOPLE than pleasures, more about OTHERS than obstacles, more about GIVING than getting. I pray that you would be BOLD in FAITH and that your HOPE would be found in HEAVEN and not here. I pray that you would cause CHANGE wherever your feet step. I pray that you would GIVE as if your earthly life depended on it. Because it does. A giving life is something you will NEVER regret.  I pray that you would LOVE bigger each day, and that each day you feel even more loved than you did the day before. I pray that as you walk in COURAGE that you would be blown away by all that you are able to accomplish. I pray that you would have humble GRATITUDE for EVERYTHING in your life. The good, the bad, the dirty, the ugly. I pray that you would BE exactly who YOU were CREATED to BE. My hope for you is that who YOU are wouldn't be based on who anyone else is. That you would be your TRUEST you and that in being YOU, you would cause a RIPPLE EFFECT for GENERATIONS to come. I pray that you would MOVE bigger mountains than I ever do or ever dream to. I pray that you would walk this life in FAITHFULNESS...because, that is your most HONEST IMPACT. I pray that DAILY you would discover more and more about your PURPOSE and that you would walk CONFIDENTLY in it. My truest hope and deepest prayer is that as you CONQUER this life.....that you would know that in EVERY fear, EVERY failure, EVERY victory, EVERY hope, EVERY dream, EVERY heartbreak and in EVERY ounce of JOY that JESUS has been and FOREVER will be there. I pray that you would seek HIM with your WHOLE heart, with your WHOLE mind, with your EVERY breath and with EVERYTHING that is in you. I pray that on your DARKEST of days you will find IN YOU faith even as small as a mustard seed and that you will pray humbly to the God that created you. I pray that you will KNOW THAT YOU KNOW THAT YOU KNOW that you are purchased and PRIZED. I pray that the truth of that never rests anything less than HEAVY on your heart and that you will live a life worth living because of it. 

 I love you, precious ones. Tons of billions of infinities.